Tire Removal

Tire removal and recycling services

Old tires are unsightly and hard to get rid of. Most trash collectors refuse to pick them up with your other garbage because of the overwhelming demand. Call on JDog Junk Removal & Hauling for your tire removal needs and we’ll haul away your old tires for responsible recycling.

Why is Tire Recycling Important?

After our team performs tire removal services, we haul the unused tires to a facility for responsible recycling.

Here’s why you shouldn’t just toss tires into a landfill:

  • Most landfills have begun to limit the number of old tires they allow.

  • Improper tire removal and disposal are bad for the environment. Tires trap a gas called methane inside of them, which leaks into the soil and pollutes the groundwater that supplies our drinking supply.

  • Tires are recycled into new items like asphalt, flooring, and shoes.