Appliance Removal

Eco-friendly appliance removal services

At some point, all appliances need a replacement. However, most trash companies will not pick them up, so hauling them to the curb is not an option, and they’re too heavy to lift anyway. In addition, appliances contain chemicals that are harmful to the environment. If you are disposing of old appliances, count on JDog Junk Removal and Hauling to provide you with professional appliance removal services.

As part of our appliance removal services, our team will dispose of your appliances in a safe and eco-friendly manner. If they are in good working order, we will find someone in the community who can use them.

Recycling After Appliance Removal

  • At recycling facilities, individual pieces of appliances are taken apart and separated from hazardous materials and non-recyclable parts. Metal, plastic, and glass are valuable materials found in most appliances.

  • Appliances contain chemicals and toxic substances leaking into landfills, contaminating the soil, air quality, and groundwater.

Appliances We Remove